We follow the public school closures.  WE DO HAVE CLASSES ON TEACHER INSERVICE DAYS and on Veteran and Election days.
  • Halloween – Wed. Oct. 31
  • Thanksgiving – Mon. Nov. 19 – Fri. Nov. 23
  • Christmas – Mon. Dec. 24 – Fri. Jan. 4
  • MLK Day – Mon. Jan. 21
  • Mardi Gras – Mon. Mar. 4 – Wed. Mar. 6
  • Easter – Fri. Apr. 19 – Fri. Apr. 26
  • No smoking is allowed on LCDA premises.
  • PLEASE remind your dancer to throw the end-of-class sucker papers/sticks in the trash. We are finding lots of wrappers around the studio at the end of the day.   We need your help in order to continue to provide this special end of the class treat.

Missed classes cannot be used as credit for tuition payments. Absences are to be made up within 30 days. Make ups can only be taken in the same or a lower class level and can only be made up through February 1st.  Please note – some classes cannot be made up as many of our classes are at capacity.

T-shirts, car decals and soffee shorts available at the front desk!  LCDA soffee shorts may be worn for jazz, hip hop, upper level tap and acro.



PLEASE NO PARKING ON THE ROAD OR STOPPING IN THE DRIVE THROUGH AREA IN PARKING LOT TO WAIT FOR DANCER!    This means that if you temporarily need to “double park” – please do!
  • ALL Level 1A and above students –  simply be dropped off so that the parking lot can empty for other cars to enter and exit.
  • National Networks has given us permission to park in their lot AFTER 5:30 pm.
Please be prompt in picking your student up after classes.  DO NOT WAIT FOR STUDENTS IN THE DRIVE THROUGH AREA” IN PARKING LOT.  This holds up traffic on Taimer Lane and on Country Club Road.  PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN DRIVING IN THE PARKING LOT!
  • No parents are allowed past the waiting room – other than to use the restroom or  to  get water.
  • All dancers will wait in the waiting area until their teacher comes to get them for class.  Teachers  will escort classes back to the waiting area after their class is finished.  Parents are responsible for walking to studio entrance door to get younger dancers.  YOUNGER DANCERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE  STUDIO UNESCORTED INTO THE PARKING AREA!
  • Please help us keep the NOISE LEVEL DOWN in the waiting area.  Our waiting area will be full of excitement the first few weeks – but, it makes our little ones anxious, and makes it hard for our  dancers  to hear when their teacher is calling them.

FRONT DESK HOURS: 4:00 – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday.  Studio doors will open at 3:45 daily.

  • Students should be properly dressed at least 5 minutes before their class begins.  The academy reserves the right to have students who come late to class, wait until the ongoing exercise has finished.  If a student arrives halfway through a class, they will only be able to observe the class to prevent injury from not being able to fully warm up properly.  The academy also reserves the right to move a student to a lower level class, in any class, if attendance is causing him/her to fall behind.  Students should avoid missing classes once we begin to work on the year-end dance recital. NO MORE THAN 12 TOTAL ABSENCES FOR THE YEAR ARE ALLOWED IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN RECITAL.  NO   ABCENSES from March 1st – Recital.
  • Please notify the studio by email or by leaving a message on the answering machine if you student will be absent from class. Classes should be made up.  Please review the following LCDA policies.


All Level I, II, III and IV students MUST have their hair secured in a bun with hairpins and/or bobby pins for ALL classes.  Hairnets are extremely helpful.   Buns secured only by a pony tail holder are not acceptable.  Students may be asked to leave class to fix hair properly if hair is not acceptable.    

  • PLEASE label all dance items with your dancer’s name. If you are missing a dance item, you may check the “lost and found” bins in the hallway entrance.
  • HAIR MUST BE IN A SECURE BUN FOR ALL CLASSES – If it falls, it is NOT secure and your student will be required to leave class to secure their hair on their own.
  • PINK tights ONLY for all classes- NO TAN tights allowed in any class!
  • NO jewelry except stud earrings if pierced.
  • NO racer back bras or brightly colored undergarments are to be seen under leotards.
  • ONLY matching “level colored” skirts allowed over leotards in ballet classes.  Black skirts are  allowed for dancers who wear navy.   WE NOW HAVE NAVY SKIRTS FOR PURCHASE!
  • Only BLACK bootie or official LCDA BLACK sofee shorts for all other classes.
  • Only light cardigan or ballet sweaters allowed during colder weather

*HELP!  Our “Lost and Found” box is already overflowing with items!  Please check to see if you are missing anything.  All items will be donated or reused if they are not retrieved by Fri., Dec. 7TH

DIRECT PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION: If you are new to the studio, changing or updating bank information please download the attached form, with a voided check.